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PSU took out my GPU?


I’m new to the forums and wanted to ask your opinions on what to do. I was running a heaven benchmark test at stock speeds for my r9 fury nitro and a little over half way through, my computer just shut off. I have a AX 860 PSU. I decided to flip the switch on the PSU to off to see what would happen later. I came back to my pc and flipped the switch and pressed the power button. Nothing turned on with no sign of power received. I decided to clear cmos just to see and reseat everything including the connectors. Turned the psu to on and pressed the power button and nothing. I borrowed a spare gt 710 from a friend. I replaced that with my fury and it turned on an booted into windows. I put the fury back in and tried to power the system on and nothing happened. No signs of power was on the board. I tried once more to see if it would at least turn on and it did, but with a spark flying out of the gpu. Obviously I shut it down fast. I changed the psu to an old AX 850 to check on everything with the 710 installed and everything seems to be okay. Could the AX 860 have taken my gpu out, or could the gpu have died on its own? I think it’s the PSU’s fault because its two and a half years older than the GPU, but I’m curious to see what you think. Also what should I do?


It may very well have died on its own. A short circuit in the GPU may prevent the rest of the PC from booting, although it would usually start to boot and throw up an error code. If the system powers on with the suspect PSU but another GPU, the PSU is obviously still delivering power.

Do you have an AIO cooler? If so, check the top of the GPU for anything that could look like leaked fluid.

My advice though : If you don’t trust the PSU, either scrap and replace it or have it checked out by a professional (preferably the manufacturer).
The latter option may be just as expensive as the former though.


If possible, try another GPU that requires PSU cables. However unlikely, it’s possible that the circuitry delivering power specifically to one or more of the PCI-E cables got fried.
Along with that, check the ends of the modular cables for any damage.
I wouldn’t recommend trying another GPU with that PSU in case it did in fact kill your GPU.


I don’t have an AIO and my PC is on my desk, so I doubt water shorted it. Do you think the GPU manufacturer would help me since I’ve only had the card for a year and a half? I think the warranty period was two years.


Seems to be no damage on any of the power connectors on either the boards or the cables.


If your warranty was 2 years, give the card manufacture a call and see what they have to say. I wouldn’t mention your psu theory, just in the case they try to blame that and not help you. Realistically, if the system still works minus the Fury, it’s probably Fury related and not the PSU. Usually if something was wrong with your PSU, nothing would work. If your warranty is still valid, do not open the card up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you would find a blown capacitor or something along those lines.


I’ll give the RMA a go. From what I can see without taking it apart, it doesn’t seem like any caps blew (especially from the area the spark came out of). I sent and RMA request, so we will see what happens.


Good luck! I wouldn’t expect it to be a short process considering how all the crypto miners are probably flooding RMA center’s with dead cards right about now.