PSU Suggestions please!

Hi there, first post!

So yeah, my OCZ ZS 650W died on me recently and I want to pick up something more powerful (and of higher quality). My specs are:

Intel Core i5 4670K @ 4.6ghz (1.34v)

Gigabyte Z87-D3H

Corsair H80 w/ SP120s

MSI Radeon 7970 TF3 OCed

Samsung 840 EVO 120GB

WB Blue 1TB

2x4GB Crucial Tactical Tracer memory

Budget is £140

I am leaning towards the Corsair AX860 as I want headroom if I someday go for cfx. The question is, will it give me enough power?. I am guessing my system with cfx will consume around 700-750w, but I seriously have no clue. Any suggestions for different PSUs maybe?



A decent 650W would be fine for crossfire. Going with a 700-750W would give a little extra reassurance if you wished to stress the system. Notable brands such as Seasonic, XFX (Seasonic OEM), Corsair AX (Seasonic OEM again) would all be good.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Extra headroom for me is important, I don't want to stress the PSU up to its wattage limit it would be consuming daily. I also wanted to know if any of you here are using the AX760/860 have any issues with coil whine, as I have read some horror stories about it. I'm just hoping that not every unit has it.

Not sure about the coil whine.

Under a synthetic bench, a 7970 can pull an additional 100W over their stock usage. So, without stressing your hardware in a synthetic benchmark, an efficient 650W would handle those 7970s.

The AX760 would allow you to use these cards, and have headroom for overclocking, and a stress test. It really is plenty of headroom. I'm not saying you should get that specific supply. But you can be confident with that level of wattage.

XFX pro 750W 80+ gold