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PSU sparks


That would cost as much as a psu lol and uplugging and discharging a psu is child’s play.

If you’re really too scared you can just go with the sniff test


Did I say anything about “pay someone”?
Some people have friends with skills.


Don’t you think op would have done that if that was the case?


Charged caps are no joke. Ask me how I know. For the uninitiated, if you dont know what components do or what to look for anyway theres no real reason to open it up. Sniff test is not a bad idea though. If nothing is burned up though you could still have problems. Caps dont always go violently. You could just have a little bulge on top and it would mean a failure or near failure. Without an O-scope to test ripple you’d have no idea if it was working right or not.

To echo everyone else. Replace it.


Even more evil are the Caps that bulge at the bottom and rise up off the board, without ever breaking their top pressure release.


Doesn’t matter what I think about that. Since I don’t know it, I will recommend that first.
Especially if the alternative can hurt or even be a potential danger.


Everything carries a risk even taking it to a “professional”


Listening to your advice certainly does.

… moving on.


I would not trust that PSU. Replace it immediately if you can. Even if you have to borrow money for a new one. Better than to have to save up for an entirely new system.


The one I have cost me like 3 dollars at Wal-Mart
Her’s the thing, if you have an expensive system you wanna replace it
Me I would use it but I also game on really cheap hardware


Power strips =/= Surge protectors. Its easy to conflate the two but most power strips only have overload protection, and no surge protection at all.