PSU Requirement

I am pretty sure a 500w would be sufficent for my build, but how can i be certain? Is there a tool that I can use to determine how much power my pc is going to use?

Here's the build:

There is a estimated wattage on this build, but I don't know if it is accurate or not.

Yes, 500W is more than enough, but that PSU isn't that great of quality. I'd adviseat least getting a Rosewill Capstone 550, not because it has more wattage, but because it is much higher quality, with a lower ripple, and much higher efficiency.

Also, drop those Cooler Master fans; they're loud, and generally crappy. Save your money.


do you think 430w corsair would be good for my buidl?

amd a8 3.00ghz

8gb 1066mhz ram

amd radeon 7790

2x 250gb 7200 rpm HHD

More than enough.

thanks sorrys for not posting a new thread for this!