PSU replacement for a Acer X3900

So trying to find a PSU for this but a majority of them won't fit into the case and need help finding them. I have a budget of 100 bucks AUD give or take and if you can find it being quiet that would be great. This was the dead PSU that came out of Liteon PS-5221-06.

This would work for a X3910 or X3950. You might want to look really close at the stickers on the case to see if it is one of those models. Some manufacturers will have more than one model of computer with the same generic model number. Usually they put the larger X3900 (or whatever) sticker on the front and the actual model number (X3910 or X3950) in smaller print on the side. Just make sure you have the right model numbers, maybe measure it with a ruler to be sure the dimensions match, check to see if it has the same connectors, and the same or higher wattage. You'll be good to go.

from the reveiws that it looked. will not be buying the psu from him and yes it is a x3900.

I don't know then,.That is weird that X3900 comes up with nothing when I search acer support. Might have to settle with a standard psu and a hacksaw.

thats what i am running on...

Might be easier and cheaper to move the components to a new case that can take a more regular PSU

It's BTX form Factor

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How good are you at metalwork? An old case and a dremel to get the PCI slot on the other side. That is if you are using a discrete graphics card in that slot? You might have to homebrew some motherboard stand offs. But at this point foam blocks and zip ties would be appropriate. Given how small the board is you could have it mounted further inside the case with the cables running in through the IO shield hole.

There are people selling these PSU's but they are over your budget. I forgot how much an AU Dollar was worth.

was planning to turn this into a mini gaming pc so i'm not hacking this to fit full sized gpus and PSUs.

Then your only option is probably going to be buying proprietary parts from shady people on ebay.

I duct taped an 80+ silver psu to the side of my hp compaq evo d510 and didn't care. Unless you pay 400 bucks to acer to get one you could just get a micro atx comp from walmart for 350 bucks with an i5, get a new chip, you can do better on that front.