PSU recommendations

As the GTX 780's price has plummeted I am considering getting a second one to tide me over for the next few years and as such I will need to get a different PSU. I dont believe my current silent pro 700W 80+ gold will be able to cope especially with overclocks. 

I have some options in mind but would like the opinion of others. 



P.S. Nothing is set in stone if people think me foolish to get another 780 please say so :)


EDIT: The upgrade may also coincide with a mobo and cpu upgrade too

Since I am a Seasonic fanboy (and yes I am openly admitting this) how about a selection of some fine Seasonic supplies.

the P1000 was one that I was looking at. The only thing I didn't like was the sleeving on the cables.

You can always re-sleeve the cables or buy extensions

Your psu will handle 2x 780's, you wont need to oc with such performance imho. I'd say even with your old power hungry x58 setup you'd be lucky to hit 600w with everything overclocked.

Or you could sell off your current 780 and buy two 970's & cut power consumption in half.

hmm thanks, the 970 option is intriguing... 

The 700 watt gold PSU you have is more than enough for your system.

nice one. I suppose I would be looking at 550-600 with 2 gpus according to that video? Assuming all the components were being stressed to the max at the same time (which is rarely the case).

Edit: perhaps more like 600+