PSU Recomendation

I just want to know what kind of wattage I will need for my psu.

CPU-fx-6300 going to be ocing once i replace the stock cooler.

Motherboard-gigabyte am3+ ud3

GPU-AUSU 7970 ghz edition

RAM- one 4gb stick (going to get another one soon)




I recently picked up the Corsair RM1000 (on newegg 24% off for $190) - I don't need the 1000w, but with the RM series the fan doesn't spin up at low loads - so the PSU is silent unless I'm gaming - pretty nice :)


Honestly you will be fine with a 500W-750W PSU with 80+ Bronze Rating. Manufactures such as Corsair, Thermaltake, Fractal Design, EVGA and many other will be fine. Don't go raidmax or some cringe-worthy manufacture like... Dynex.

Ok I'm torn between this

and this

I like the price of the evga, but even though it has a 5 egg rating on newegg a lot of those ratings are about psu's that failed and they are leaving a good rating for customer support.  I also prefer the fractal design's aesthetics over the evga. However the price of the evga after a rebate(44.99) is almost too good to pass up.  what do you guys think.  If you have any better recommendations please let me know.


That is a hard decision. While the EVGA 600W is a a good price point. The Fractal design seems more reliable but also has less reviews. On one hand paying $15 for 50W seems unreasonably. In this case I would choose the EVGA 600W.