PSU + r9 380

hey guys, my time has come to build my own rig.
So im in a dillema. Should i buy a high quality psu with 430w ( xfx ts) or a average quality psu with 500w (evga w1)?The psu calculators says that my system should push around 380w but i don't know if its good for the psu being like at 90% at full load. So which one should i buy?
My system will be:
i5 6400
msi h110m
2x8gb ddr4 kingston furyx (1 now,1 in the future)
1 ssd 240gb (future)
1 hdd 500gb (now)
1 hdd 1tb (future)
asus r9 380 strix
carbide 100r with 4 fans

Thanks for the help!

I would say buy the best - Seasonic...
But that is just me. I have Seasonic 430W. I chose quality.
If i may interupt, if you have not bought the parts yet, in a few days there will be RX470. Cheaper and less power hungry version of the R9 380...
Also, if you can, get yourself a better case. Something with open front...
I have an entire video about fans and case cooling, but i will show you those two screenshots:
My system:

Same system:

I only removed the front fan filter:

And you are talking about an entirely enclosed front intake:

Just a thought...

yeah but aftermarket cooler on the rx470 only will come out like in september. And in my country it will probably be 230€~ and the r9 380 is 208 right now.
What gpu do you have with your seasonic? Its basicly the same as the xfx ts probably

Toxic R9 270X...

Dual 6 pin, eats slightly less than the 380...
You could be absolutely correct actually. Looking at my european pricing, RX480 is around 280Euro, GTX 970 is about 340Euro, and the 380 is indeed 210Euro... If you can find cheaper version - go for it. Asus are far from the best...

but there wouldn't be a problem if the psu is running at 90% for a moderately extended amount of time?

Power consumption Radeon R9 380
* System in IDLE = 92W
* System Wattage with GPU in FULL Stress = 332 Watts
* Difference (GPU load) = 240W
* Add average IDLE wattage ~10W
* Subjective obtained GPU power consumption = ~ 196 Watts


Even 350W is barely 90% of the well designed 430W power supply.

what does the full stress mean then?

The article just say stress the gpu... So my guess is something like Furmark or 3dmark or something...

well i think im gonna change the case for a cheaper one and invest that money in a xfx ts 550w.Btw the case is a nox hummer zs

If I may recommend a cheap quality case near that price point - Zalman Z3 Plus...
It comes with 4 fans and a fan controller for 2 of them. It is fully dust filtered, it have a small window on the side panel...

It runs around 40 euro...

500w evga as your minimum for a r9 380, you need a psu that can handle that. I would also look at 600W just to be safe, its a few bucks more but if you get a 80plus 600W psu you wont have any issues with the gpu.