PSU Question


This is my first post here on Tek Syndicate, and would like to know what you guys would suggest for my problem. I built my first system by purchasing parts from Eggbusters and so I didn't really know what I was getting all together and just had parts arriving in the mail over the span of a month or so. I purchased a CX430 without thinking about overclocking and was just curious if you think a Corsair 430w 80+ Bronze would be able to support overclocking at all, or even the system in general. 

ASRock 970 Extreme 4

Phenom II x4 965 BE

Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb 160mhz

1x WD Caviar Blue 1tb 

Sapphire HD7850 1gb (factory OC version, it was cheaper)

Corsair Builder Series CX430 

What do you guys think? It wouldn't be too big of a deal to upgrade to a 600w assuming that would fulfill my needs, but if I can get by on this 430w I'd rather not spend the extra cash. 


Yes, a 430W PSU could handle that, were it not a Corsair CX. They are complete rubbish for voltage regulation, and have pretty crappy build quality. The potential that it can deliver a full 430W is questionable, as well. I'd invest the little bit of money extra into an XFX 550W 80+ Bronve PSU; while you don't need those extra 120W, the XFX is leagues better than the CX, with a drastically better ripple, and build quality.

So brennan, I have a 7850 and a 6100 and I'm about to buy another 7850. Can my CX750 handle all of that fine? Overclocked? (I bought that crappy PSU a year ago before I knew a thing about hardware.)

It can, yes.

Strange. I've heard nothing but good things regarding Corsair power supplies, and I've also read that Seasonic manufactures the components in the CX series. 

As far as upgrading away from CX series, I would really rather go with Seasonic, as I've heard nothing of XFX PSU's and, for my comfort, like to stay with companies that I'm familiar with. Would a Seasonic suffice?

If you have the budget for a Seasonuc, then why even bother with the Corsair CX.

Having a brand means nothing. It is the OEM that matters, what actually is in the product. Seasonic has some fantastic PSUs, and some god awful PSUs; Corsair also has some great PSUs, but a whole let more awful ones. The XFX is actually a high-end Seasonic OEM, unlike the Corsair CX, which are built and designed to be cheap, and low-stress in terms of intended workload. The XFX is much, much better than any Corsair Builder PSU out there.