PSU question

Gotten mixed answers on this. But just a question, will a 650w PSU be fine to power this build or do I need something more?

650w will be perfectly adequate - if it is at least a Bronze stamped PSU with a decent 50amp or so single 12v rail.

I would recommend a Corsair TX series, not that expensive and tough as nails.

So something like this would be fine? Little spendy but other than that.


whoa it didn't post the first time. THIS

That is an excellent PSU, can't go wrong there, though this one would also be just fine for the rig you are proposing.

Go with XFX or Seasonic.

I think this PSU will be fine it's by Corsair CX Series 750w 80+ bronze PSU with single rail, so can't go wrong! and 650w or 750w is good for your rig, but if you get this PSU you do get that extra watts that you can use in future. good luck!

here is the link:

Could you elaborate on why that might be so Masterdome? I hear a lot of recommendations but few people justify them.

The one I suggested is already ordered. Just wondering if it will be sufficient. If I intend to upgrade later on I'll just get a new one. Money isn't too big of a deal to me now days. Thanks for the input

Well great choice then Crayon - if you ordered the Gold stamped model it just means you have more upgrade room in the future :)

I would get a Seasonic X series or XFX Pro (black) series. I am running a Corsair HX850 in my system, which is really overkill for my singl  680 system. so I am trading my HX850 for a Seasonic X 750. 750W is more than enough for an SLI/CF configuration, so 650W will be perfect for your system. I highly recommend Seasonic products; they are the best out there.

They use high quality boards, solid Japanese capacitors, have a strong single 12V rail instead of 2 or 3 rails split from 1, and are just well build. XFX powersupplies use most of Seasonics components and are oftenly a bit cheaper priced. 

Sweet! I did not know that. I'll be on the lookout for a new PSU in the near future, so I'll check them out.

I hear a lot of debate on what is the "best" but from what I can gather it comes down to Corsair, XFX, and Seasonic. So I'll probably just stick with all three of those brands.

That said, all my parts are on their way and I'm super pumped to throw it together. Now let's hope I don't get any defective parts -_-