PSU question - killing my console

So, by posting this question it´s obvious that I´m no PSU guru. As a matter of fact, I don´t know what I´m going to do with the octopus that comes out of it. 

Are all PSUs ok with every component in terms of the connectors that it has?

The thing is that the following PSU is arriving tomorrow: Super Flower Golden Green HX 80 Plus Gold 650W 

I have the following GPU at home in my powerless PC: Asus Radeon R9 280X DirectCU II 3GB GDDR5

The PSU has the following connectors:

  • 1 x 20+4pin
  • 1 x 4+4Pin CPU
  • 5 x Molex
  • 5 x SATA
  • 1 x SLI

I have no Idea if this is going to work out. 

Any feedback is really appreciated. I hope someone sheds some slight on this. 

Thanks a lot!

You should ask before you buy.... But whatever.

Yeah all the connections should be fine but I honestly wouldn't trust that PSU. Never heard of the brand Seems cheap and shady. 

Oh crap. I forgot to edit this post. It´s all good I had already figured it out. However, thank you for the confirmation. 

The PSU is alright. Its 80+ Gold and the manufacturer has a really good reputation for the last 2 years. 

They are acutally up there with Seasonic according to some reviews. 

It does sound shady, The name is the literal translation from thailandeese or whatver. 

And I should ask before I buy. I was throwing a tantrum XD because I had everything but the PSU.

Thank you for the feedback

that should be a good psu. 

Sounds like it's hooked up and working?  I went and looked at the link you gave, to see if the PSU had more than one rail, but it didn't say.  It's probably impossible to hook it up wrong, anyway.

Super Flower is known more in china, and is an OEM for a lot of other companies.

It's alright, not terrible but not great either.

It´s not hooked up and working. I hope there are members online tonight in case I get stuck :)

I actually got the unit five hours ago at work. I feels sturdy and legit. 

I´ve been doing my homework and I´m pretty sure I can connect everything.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.