PSU possibly doing bad stuff

Today I encountered my computer powering off itself at least 3 times. When it turned itself back on, I got a message, that Asus Anti-Surge shut my computer down because of unstable PSU.

Could it possibly be caused by my 5V rail being at 5.120V or my 12V rail being at ~11.320V?


I fiddled around with some stuff and messed around with 24pin connector. Apparently 24pin connector was tiny bit loose. Maybe that was the cause. If this stuff happens again in next days, then I will talk to the computer store staff, where I bought my PSU.

Also my voltages:

what make/model psu?

That ASUS monitoring software is notoriously crap - Before you RMA your psu - try removing all the asus shiz and seeing if it still happens - also as @deejeta said - give us you psu make and model, and age - also are you running serious overclocks with it or almost maxing out its power capability? Is the fan filter clean and the fan still working?

Is your power supply 80+ certified? If not I wouldn't RMA it, just go out and buy a EVGA 600 watt 80+ bronze power supply they are dirt cheap!

PSU is: Chieftec CTG-750C
It is around 2 weeks old.
Not running any overclocks, not even close to power limit.

Its 80 plus efficiency. Just 80 plus, not even 80 plus bronze. However a quick search yielded no results as to how powerful the 12V rail is. Bc not every power supply can handle current processors' sleep states and such, and other various tasks. What are full system specs.

x2 30amp rails
Its a fairly shoddy psu tbh but i allready know asus softwhere is a bag of crap (mine used to tell me i had 0 v's on the 12v rail every 30-40mins)
You can pick up psu testers real cheap on amazon and ebay if you are realy panicking to test it out.
But i'd still get a reputable psu and not a no name 'chicken' coke one.
Bad psu's can take your entire system down if thay go bad cheaping out on them is a real bad idea.


CPU: I3 2120
RAM: 8GB 1333Mhz
GPU: GTX 650 1GB
HHD's: 1 Tb and 1 500GB
And here is my MOBO:

Not running any overclocks or anything.