PSU Malfunction [5 Dollar Reward]

Hey, I just got a GX600 Watt PSU from Corsair, it ran fine, until about 4 hours later, it turned off, it would not turn back on, I decided to wait, the next morning it worked for 4 hours again and shut off.


Some Info: When the computer was off but the PSU switch was on it would emit a beep about every second, also the fan was working on it I checked that, I don't know what the problem is, I have GTX670 I just got and it sucks to not be able to use it because of this


Please Help


(The reward is a 5 dollar game of your choice, I will buy it and give you the code)

"CX600" what are you usually doing on the computer when it shuts off? 

do you have an old PSU to test the motherboard with to make sure that is not the problem. 

make sure you are using standoff for your motherboard. 

when PSUs beep that usually mean the PSU is bad. if its not old RMA it or return it back to where you bought it. if you think the PSU is good Check every thing and when your done Check it all again...

I have been using an old psu since this new one won't work. The old one runs just fine but the new one only lasts a couple of hours. 

if the old one works well an the new PSU doesn't then the verdict is in...cx600 is bad. RMA or return it.