PSU help



i need some help with figuring out if i can use my power supply for crossfire. the place i bought from said yes but i only got 1 PCIe power cable delivered with it.


my power supple is : MS-TECH MS-N750-VAL-CM, 750 Watt

the GPU im using and want to buy another for crossfire usage is: HD7870


any info about if its possible or not or maybe a different PSU (which i rather avoid if possible) would be much appreciated

Well you fucked yourself over if that psu is not 80 plus. It claims itself to be 750w but i bet it will blow up at 450. Get something like cx750m from corsair. With that you can run 3 of these

Yes I agree with MLGmatt, they don't say how it was rated or at what temp.  That PSU has two 12 V rails, each 19 Amps.  I don't think one rail (228 W) will do for both the CPU plus 1 GPU (100 W plus 120 W sustained).  You are at full load on one rail and that PSU will shut down.

The PSU is OK for 1 GPU.

There is no efficiency given in the specs... that is a bad sign.


thank you both for your kind replies and helpfull info.

ive decided to get rid of it as soon as i can.

also i found 2 interesting psu, will this be any good?

EVGA NEX750GR, 750 Watt

be quiet! POWER ZONE 850W


the first one was recommended by a retailer. but i rather have more opinions :)

anyone that can give me some insight of which of the 2 is better? or maybe non with a 3rd option :)

well as long as the psu is 80 plus it is fine my recomendation:

Newegg- you can have 3 7870's with that psu 

For two 7870s that's around 340 W total including CPU.  I would double it so 650 W minimum.

Second, the more power you use the more important efficiency is.  I would look for Gold or better efficiency.  I can recommend Seasonic G series because it was reviewed well on, or a Gold-rated Corsair (HX?) would also be good (not CX).  I have the CX500M and it's fine, but for high power I think it's better to get a higher quality unit.