PSU/GPU Conundrum

I have a FX-8120 (4.51ghz) , Ga-990fxa-ud3, 2 120g ssd, 1 3tb 7200rpm hdd, 2 hd 6870 crossfire, asus xonar stx, corsair h110 (throwing 2 noctua 140mm fans to replace the loud fans it came with) and 2x8g 1912mhz ddr3 corsair dominators. I have a 600 watt silverstone strider essencial powering it and its pretty maxxed out  and probably a little bottlenecked although its never crashed on the 600w. 

So the main question is: does anyone know if the Cooler master silent m2 850 would make me happy? Is the silverstone/corsair pro worth the extra 50 bucks? Ive had very BAD experiences with corsair psu but only the low end cx500 (probs not even a seasonic?) which makes me reconsider corsair. Also i tried 3 different psu wattage calculators and have gotten 650w, 750w and finally corsairs site recomended and 850w. any opinions? What about antec, too cheap??? any input much appreaciated


my corsair hx850 has been flawless now since  september last year

amperage headroom will keep your psu from cooking itself and psu failure kill hardware

so skimping on a psu is false economy. do the noctua fan cool as well or better than the stock fans? my corsair c70 with the h110 tends to get a little loud with three fans exhauting and two intaking. but the temps are down  from before the h110. even the mb sensor temps dropped with the h110 fans exhausting .


Budget is pretty much value, ill spend 180+ but only if its absolutly nessisary. As per the noctua fans they had almost twice the static pressure then the fans i got with the h110 and the ones im using now must be faulty because they make waaaay too much noise and yea ive checked for vibration and whatnot. the sound is comming from the bearing on both fans. Im in love with my silverstone and im willing to check out the higher end corsairs too. Im a stong believer in you pay for what you get and that coolermaster seems too good be to be true 80 plus silver at $130 for me.

My fingers have got tired explaining people why water aftermarket water cooling is a fail...

Coolermaster is OK, but if you want future proof PSU:

SeaSonic X-850, NZXT HALE90-850-M, EVGA NEX750G Gold

No need to explain that here i have a zalaman cnps14x that is near silent and the same temps as that shit h110 i just wanted to try it out plus the big air heatsinks blocked my ram on this mobo. Thanks for the recomendations ill check those out for sure, Is that evga supposed to be 850 or do you think im ok with a high end 750?

SeaSonic X-850 has 850w and 7 years of warranty, EVGA has 750W and 10 years of warranty,

I would go for Seasonic, but if you are looking to save EVGA.

The more power the psu has, the less will it degrade over time, and will last longer

Btw how is that CF doing?

Thanks alot!

Amazing accually, im running crysis 3 all maxed out with smaa and 16x anisotropic filters at 30-40 fps and 40-50fps with no filters (1 monitor roughly and 52 degrees celcuis) similar stats for metro 2033 and skyrim isnt a problem with the texture pack either. I get in so much shit for running these cards still but they are working great for what i need. I'll definatly upgrade with the next series of cards though.

I use to run Cf 6850 Msi Cyclone for a bit, it had its ups and downs (dual gpu set ups are a headache)

But it was kinda cool having 2 cards in a case

Very Nice! Love your colour scheme mines a lil messed and dusty lol but yea dual gpu is pretty cluttered and im not a fan of the space it takes up on the mobo lol my audio card is pretty cramped in there lol not to mention theres an light controller under the second gpu lol and im running a whole other pc just for my wireless card (connected the 2 pc's via ethernet) because the pci slot i need is covered by a gpu lol.  /facepalm

and im running a whole other pc just for my wireless card (connected the 2 pc's via ethernet) because the pci slot i need is covered by a gpu lol.  /facepalm

LMAO, I cant stop laughing....

What is your score in Unigine heaven btw,

this was mine at the time

Lol I know right. I accually havent used that software before but im downloading it now so ill let you know.

I took the pic with my camera because i pushed f12 for a screenshot like it said and couldnt find it anywhere lol. Your 6850s are better then my 6870? Did you overclock or do you think my psu is holding them back a bit or what?

Msi 6850 Cyclone (best 6850, like ever) was fabricly OC-ed to 860 MHz, but I could have have OC-ed them easily to 1GHz each (on that speed 6850 beats 6870 in 3d mark 11)

6870 default


Msi Cyclone 6850 default


Msi cyclone 6850 OC (998 Gpu, 1192 memory)


however,  on that version  of Unigine or maybe it was a driver issue I couldnt see benefits from OC-ing in Unigine heaven, the results were always the same as in stock (860 MHz)

As for you 6870's monitor gpu usage using MSi Afterburner, and try Unigine Heaven 2.5

Alright thanks for the tips im getting 2.5 now. Jeeze when i baught the 6870 i read everywhere i cant get a better card for the price, looks like that msi 6850 might have been a better decision. Too bad i didnt hear about teksyndicate until a few months ago. Either way im ready to upgrade i just dont see the price to performance ratio in an upgrade these days so its the waiting game i guess.

I didnt hear this on Tek Syndcate, my friend is a HW editor in one IT magazine, told me about it just as he tested it, right after the shipment reached my country... ;)

Msi 7950 Twin Frozr is the best card if you want upgrade, when you OC 7950 to 1200MHz, it leaves in the dust Superclocked 680gtx :)

Hmmmm indeed it does the xx50s have been slipping under my radar the 70s and 90s were grabbing my attention but the price is to much to justify but your definatly right that msi 7950 is a gem I definatly see myself grabbing one in the very near future. All i ment by i recently discovered teksyndicate was i was getting horrible responces from tomshardware and, typical 20 trolls to the 1 decent responce lol. its like teksyndicate has a troll filter lol. 

Trolls are everywhere, even here, you just havent crossed ways with them.

MSI has out done Asus with 7xxx series (Msi Lightning 7970 is the best 7970 on the market), dont know how its going with Nvidia (there is Lightning model there also) cause EVGA etc.Sell those 2 6870 for 200$, add a 100 more and you got yourself MSI 7950 Twin Frozr III

Perfect idea i think i will do exactly that. Thanks alot you have been great, going with the seagate 850w and ill definalty be grabbing on of those msi 7950s as soon as i sell my old ones... or get paid lol whenever. that should complete my rig for the next year or so at least. Thanks alot Miskonius!

Yeah, no prob...