PSU good enough for R9280X?

Hello everyone,

With my old GPU becoming obsolete, I am looking to buy a R9 280X from GIGABYTE. I own a Widetech TheMax 650W PSU. I am confused as to whether my PSU supports the R9280X because different sources have provided a wide range of answers from 500W - 650W. If I do need a new PSU, I would appreciate some recommendations which will fit a GZ-M1 chassis. I'm only a rookie at building PCs, apologies for any inconvienences.


It is enough wattage but it sounds like a terrible make of psu. If you are going to have a 300 dollar card you should fork out the 60 dollars for a decent psu.

Agreed with @spitesuicide that is a cheapo brand PSU that I wouldn't use with anything. Guessing from my Google search , are you located in Australia? The only sites that listed it for sale were from AU so I can only assume.

Can you give the rest of your specs?


I can recommend PSU's but I have no idea what price range you have available. So if you can give me a price range I'll list you some good 500-650W PSUs.

Thank you for replying @spitesuicide and @Hellsrage .


It is a cheap PSU, I agree, but as someone with a relatively tight budget, probably 100$ would by my maximum.

My specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel 3570 - No overclock - Stock cooler

Motherboard: GIGABYTE B75M-D2V

GPU: GIGABYTE 7850 2GB GDDR5, OC @1050/5000 MHz.

RAM: 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600Mhz

GZ-M1 chassis

Yes, I do live in Australia, also which manufacturer of GPU would you recommend?

Somthing you should know from here on out, NEVER skimp on a PSU, it's the heart of your PC and if it fails it could take the rest of your components with it. I know it's tempting to try to save money on a cheaper one but the risk aren't worth taking when you could potentially kill your whole PC.

Here are some good PSUs:

  1. Antec HCG-520 520Watt Non-Modular $85
  2. Antec HCG-520M 520Watt  Semi-Modular $92
  3. Antec HCG-620 620Watt Non-Modular $105
  4. XFX 650Watt Non-Modular $109 

Any of those are 10x better than what you currently have and will do for your PC and a R9 280X, they should also fit in your case. I feel bad for you guys over in AU and NZ, prices are ridiculous.

My personal recommendations for GPU manufactures are the following: MSI, ASUS, Sapphire and Gigabyte. Those are they only brands I would use and as such the only ones I would recommend for AMD cards.

Yeah, i've had my PC for some time, I didn't build it myself nor pick the parts for it. But your advice is noted and appreciated.

Thanks for your suggestions, I think I'll go for the Sapphire Vapor-X model. Something that confuses me a lot however is the fact that it says it requires 750W power, I've read on some webpages that the requirements for power are over-exaggerated, is that true?

Once again, thanks so much for helping out a little Newb like me. 


Widetech TheMax? That sounds like a shitty PSU and it looks even shittier.

For a system with a single R9-280X, I would go with a quality 450-550W PSU.

No offence to your Widetech PSU but it can kill your system and you do not want that to happen.

WideTech was probably the poorest choice I made, and this is why I am turning to you guys who know much better than I do, no offence taken.

I think they are just trying to cover themselves with the 750Watt requirement, BUT after reading up on it they recommend a minimum of 600Watts for the R9 280X. So keep that in mind, I would grab the XFX 650Watt just to be safe, and it should allow for some OCing on that card.

No problem, haha we were all beginners once and you never really stop learning.

XFX 650W is a way enough for a single gpu setup. even a decent 550W would  do the job. XFX - corsair TX/HX series - Lepa G - Seasonic.. etc

pick that up, finding good PSUs in Australia is quite a bit harder, and definitely more expensive than the US. for a 3570 and aa R9-280X that should be enough, and it's 80 gold.

Alternatively you could go cheaper with higher wattage, but it's only 80+ bronze and the Seasonic is a far superior PSU

yes it realy is. ☺

The XFX 650Watt is the best choice for the price, it's good quality, nice wattage and a nice amount of Amps on the +12V rail (53Amps). Shouldn't run into any problems with it even with a decent OC.

Right, I missed the links you posted so I didn't realise you were posting an Australian website. Never heard of PLE before.

Yes! The SeaSonic G-550W is the best of its kind.