PSU going downhill?

Ok, so I swapped out my gtx 550 ti for a 750 ti about a week ago. Everything was working very well, no noise, low temps, great stability, until yesterday...

My CPU fan all of the sudden decided to not spin up at boot, but rather start a few second later and come to a complete stop every other minute or so. My voltages and temps were fine, so I thought it was some goof. Today my PSU (Gigabyte GE-R460W) fan started making a grinding noise like it was cold and a very very faint clicking/ticking noise. Google was no help.

The extra weird part: I noticed patterns in the fan noise. If the PSU fan got loud, my CPU fan stopped. If I gave the PSU a couple taps, the noise would stop for a few seconds and the CPU fan would start again only to quit when the noise came back.

The gist of it all: my voltages are all fine, noise or no noise, but with noise I temporarily have no CPU fan. The PSU is 6 years old and in my second build so that alone probably tells me I should upgrade, but you know, $, and sometimes it's nice to have a second opinion. :D

Given where I live, I don't have the most amazing price-performance choices.

Is this Flower Power ok?

It costs about $57 here. (24% VAT -_-)

where do you live?

any psu with seasonic as oem will be fine as long as its 550w

CPU fan stopping might not have anything to do with the PSU. Is you CPU fan plugged into your motherboard? Check you MB setting/BIOS. Some motherboards can stop the fan if temps are good. Voltages usually don't tell you much, you need a real, separate PSU tester for that.

PSU problems usually surface when you put a lot of load on the PSU, ie run Prime95 on your CPU and Furmark on the GPU, first test them one by one an then together. This might trip the Over Current protection of the PSU and instantly shut down your computer. Then you have hit the limit of your PSU. It should be able to run Prime95 no problem, also Furmark by itself should also be no problem. Watch the temps though. OCCT have a PSU load test too. If you don't have good airflow in you case, Furmark will probably make your GPU throttle.

Your PSU fan might just be worn out. Cheaper PSUs usually only have a sleeve bearing fan, it is usually possible to lubricate it with some oil to prolong its life. Google it.

Super Flower makes good PSUs, they also make low quality budget PSUs. Check the rating, I recommend 80+ Bronze at least. Single rail +12 volt makes life a bit easier around the 500-600 Watt mark and single GPU.

@Bogdan9652 I live in Romania.

I let the PSU sit unplugged overnight and took it apart today. I put a couple drops of oil in the fan and the noise is gone, and so far my CPU fan hasn't dropped to 0 once.

edit: aaaand now my motherboard doesn't even show my cpu fan. Guess it's a mobo issue :/

do you have a psu to test or a second mobo to test before you start buying stuff?

Superflower are amazing units.

Your issue though could be a failing motherboard, but chances are it is the psu. A failing psu can take out other components when they die so fingers crossed it hasnt happened in your case.