PSU for workstation build

I am currently on the lookout for a decent power supply for a workstation build.

2 xeon 2600 v4
ASUS Z10 PE Motherboard
2* GTX 1070
128 gb of ram
So far the corsair AX 860 series PSU seems like a perfect fit for me. Any suggestions?

Do you need something redundant or just some solid PSU?

I have a Seasonic Platinum 1050 and it works fine. I also have a 520W Silverstone passively cooled PSU that is also made by Seasonic. Again, great stuff. So, Seasonic knows what they are doing.
I had a Corsair 650W (RM something) in another system and that was also completely fine and it was VERY quiet.

Redundancy is not a requirement though. For now, a solid PSU that can handle being powered on 24x7 should do the trick for me.

The Seasonic X-850 should do.

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May I ask what you are going to do with it?

It will be used for image processing in a microscopy lab.

Have you considered this:

And that software runs CUDA? With dual GPU support? Wow!
If so, do you really need the dual CPUs?

Well cuda is a big win in some cases. People are able to process image stacks on their local workstations now. A few years ago, these tasks were strictly in big-cluster territory.

Obviously, not every task can use the gpu. That's where the two cpus come-in :).

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