PSU for i7-4770k rig

Trying to find out what wattage PSU would be good for a rig with an i7-4770k, which I will be adding liquid cooling to and OCing as well as adding in a GTX 780 to down the line.

Do you have a budget? You should need much more than a decent, bronze-rated power supply. Probably 550W to give you plenty of headroom.

The XFX550 is always my go-to affordable option. You might could consider the more expensive, fully modular, gold-rated Corsair RM series.

~500W will be just fine for those parts. If it's within your budget you could consider going 700-800W if you want to leave yourself the option to do sli in the future.

And yes, do try to get at least some kind of 80+ rated psu.

I was planning on spending around $100 (+/-$20). I found the Corsair CS750M, which is Gold-Rated and modular, for $104.99 +tax. It seems like the best bang for the buck (even if I don't do SLI). What do you think?

At a stretch, this would be my choice at $135:

Best, in-budget considerations (all things considered; efficiency, modularity):


In no particular order. The list is not exhaustive. I would pick any of these units over the Corsair CS. Not because the CS is bad, but these units are a little more proven. I read reviews on the CS which revealed that the CS would have a higher ripple than these other considerations.

Awesome. Thanks for the help, guys. I was able to get the LEPA PSU even less than the CS, so it's an even better deal than I was expecting. Only issue: the PCI-E connectors are blue :-/ but I can fix that eventually. Thanks again!

That 700W Lepa should be sufficient for dual 780s, or most dual card configurations.

I would aim for a Higher end stable 800-850 gold+ PSU with hardware as high end as a GTX 780 and an i7 You will want to be able to OC and to do this you need an efficient PSU. Also 850 should cover you if you grab another 780 (even if you OC them both.