Psu for hd 7990 and i7 4930k

i think 750 watt should be enough because i will not overclock at the moment

it should have at least 80+ bronze or when possible gold

money is no problem


If money is no problem, get a Seasonic X650 or X750, both have enough amperage and wattage, a low ripple, and great build quality.

i would recommend this one: XFX pro 750W 80+ gold fully modular for only $109 bucks it comes with 5 year warrenty.

grtz Angel ☺

+1 to the suggestions above.

Am I the only one who noticed the AMD recommended minimum spec of 850W? Why not at least follow that and get an XFX or Seasonic 850W? I have one and they are great. Microcenter has the Corsair HX 1050W for $190 right now. They also have the 1000W EVGA, which would be my choice. 

XFX 850W $130

Modular $150

XFX 1050w for $190 plust $30 rebate ($160 net)  and XFX is good with rebates

EVGA 1000W $200 and 10-year warranty

Corsair 1050W

Because with the gimped 7970s (very slightly) on the 7990 PCB, you will pull about 250W per card at 12V, adding another 130 for a heavily OCed 4930k, and that is 630W from the PSU, and, at 80+ Gold or Platinum, 650 from the wall, adding room for HDDs.

Overkill is the best kind of kill. That, and personally, power effiency is meaningless when overclocking. I just want clean power, I don't mind losing a lil when it convets to dc. Heat shouldn't be an issue with a good case.

Well, while 760w should be plenty, I'd recommend going a step further and getting a 860w PSU, just for the headroom in case you decide to add something else later. Personally I'm getting a Corsair AX860 (not the digital "i" version). It's a very good psu, nice cables. And generally, in the last 5 years I've been using corsair PSUs exclusively and none ever missed a beat. 


Ugh; Corsair is not a PSU company. They don't make their PSUs; they pay someone else to. You are paying a premium for little more than a sticker. You can get the same OEM for a lot less money, and havethe same PSU.

In the case of the AX860, Corsair cheaped out and got a pretty bad unit.

Those coils aren't shielded at all, which leads to a lot of issues with a high-pitched whine that many people encounter, on top of the already loud fan.

Nobody said Corsair is a psu company, we just say their psu's (as in psu's they're selling) are damn good.

Do you have anything better than the AX860 to suggest for that price?

A lot of PSUs; the AX860 is $200, right?

For considerably less, you can get a Seasonic X 750, which is more than enough amperage and power for a system with dual GPUs. It has a ripple of less than 20mV on the +12V rail, hits 80+ Gold even at 10% load, and has hit 80+ Plat in cold load. It has everything the AX860 has for $50 less, but with tighter quality control - Seasonic is all in-house, and with the X750, they really outdid themselves. Still, not as impressive as the X650 is, but an amazing unit nonetheless.

It is important to note that the Seasonic OEMs are used in the Corsair AX line of PSUs, so you are getting, in this case, the same PSU (OEM is almost identical), for less money.

Finally got the answer i have been searching for of why all my corsair psu's whine/buzz. Thanks for that.

Seasonic has the same issue in quite a yew of their older models, as well as a few of their newer ones. However, the reason I go with Seasonic over a Seanonic-OEM through Corsair is the in-house QC and lower pricing. Not just Corsair, but an area of PSU design that a lot of OEMs forget to address.

What brands of power supplies other than seasonic would you recommend around 550-650w. I would buy a xfx550 or lepa g 650 but there not available in aus and to get one shipped brand new would be about $150. 

Well, to name a few, Super Flower Power, Enermax (Lepa's big OEM partner asido from CWT on the low-end units), Be! Quiet, and Rosewill. They all have products in the 550-650W range that I would recommend.

Thanks for the suggestions. I managed to find a Aus store selling xfx psu's so i might just go with a xfx 650.


Following that logic, XFX also uses Seasonic's PSUs.

I can only speak from my experience, and Corsair never gave me any whines or problems whatsoever. Also, Brennan is comparin an AX860 to a 760w PSU form seasonic, which is cheaper, but it's also less powerful being 760w... Both are gold.

XFX uses a variety of OEMs for their PSUs, including, yes, some Seasonic.

 You're only talking about CPU and 7990 nothing really power hungry. No SLI or CF no 5 HDD tower nothing crazy.

or even

all you need. IMO it would be better to list your build to get better insight. No point powering a 400 watt system with a 750 PW. Use the extra money for games.