PSU? for Brennen

Are these psu worth damn.

The fact that I can't find any information on them is troubling. What will you be powering?

I was tempted  to get one but couldnt find anything about the quality of them.


850w for only $60 sounds way to cheap to be 'good'

There are no reviews or information that I can find. Chances are, though, you don't need 850W. A quality PSU, like a Rosewill Capstone 550, can easily deliver upwards of 700W without breaking a sweat.

Ya  not enough info on that product.  Little scared of that myself. Thanks Brennan


I just considering future upgrading. And i really need to get a new psu now my is 5,

6 years old. I gonna end up with a saber or a crosshair and at least a pair 7950 at some point


A 7950 with an i5 (socket 755, right?) will do just fine on a 550W PSU.

8350 crosshair or saber board  at least a pair of 7950

Oh, 7950 CF; that's closer to 650W.

Its more about the quality my pcs run 24/7 .What would you consider ideal  for that kind of use?


650W; 750Wonly if you get a good deal.



No problem :) Think i am going to go with this.