PSU Extensions?

I have this:

So would these :

Work with any psu extension cables?

Help would be appreciated :)

To clarify are you after extensions (add to existing cables) or a whole cable kit (sleeved cables of given colour leading back to psu itself)?

Extension wise then there are other brands you can go with (bitfenix alchemy etc) whereas a kit like this ( goes back to your psu. If the kit says it supports your psu then it does.

Link to the extension cables seems to be broken.

Will any type of extension cables work to do I have to get specific ones?


The ends of your existing cables (the end that plugs into your system's components) are universal - any extension will fit. ie. Your 24 pin cable male end -----> extension femaie end then the male end ---> motherboard.

If you are confused just buy the overpriced corsair complete kits. At least then the front area of you psu will have the same colour cables. Or braid the cables yourself, its not that hard, just takes a lot of time.