PSU extension cabling

I recently had to buy a new case due to temps, the saga can be read here: How hot is too hot for a Ryzen 2600x?[Solved]. Its running like a champ now, but Im using a SFX PSU in the new case, which can do a Full ATX PSU. Lucky for me my PSU came with the adapter plate to make it work. The issue is my my 8pin CPU aux wire literally has to pass over the GPU to make it. So I need an extension, also my 24 pin power connector is just long enough to work if I pass it under the GPU. I would rather has these routed behind the motherboard tray like Fractal Design intended. I have the Define Nano S by the way.

Any suggestions for a 24 pin and 8 pin CPU AUX cabling?

Budget? DIY option? Color scheme? (I have this one in one of my rigs ) honestly not a huge deal

Budget is cheap. DIY is not an option, I want a just put it in type of deal. PSU cables are black, so Black. I only need the 24 pin and 8 pin CPU cables, no other cables needed.


for the 24 pin the XSPC is a bit nicer (AWG, but the cheaper one would be fine too)


honestly that are all about the same big difference will be AWG thats about it generally

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Thank you.

I actually just ordered a 8pin extension myself several days ago.

I went with this one, supposedly 16AWG:

The 8 pin extensions with a male and female end are generally safe from any confusion as far as I am aware. All the wires should be in perfectly aligned rows. It’s the cables that are meant for attaching into a modular power supply that you need to be triple certain about compatibility, these will have two male ends. Modular psu cables aren’t even guaranteed to be compatible within the same brand.

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