PSU Compatability

HI, I am wondering if a Corsair AX 760i will be enough to run this system:

MSI Z87 MPower Max

Intel i5-4670K

Intel 30GB mSATA

Corsair 8GB Vengeance Pro Black 2133

Sapphire HD7970 6GB

Creative SoundBlaster ZxR

Corsair Force GT 120GB

WD Black 2TB

I'm asking because the recommended PSU for the 7970 6GB is 750W and I want to know if this is just an over-estimate

That will be more then enough power the 760i is 80+ platinum that means it is very efficient and can generally give you even more then the rated wattage.  Amd and other companys over estimate the wattage just so if you are using a lower end psu it will be enough and they don't you to run into power issues.  You could probably run 2 7970 off that power supply because it is such a high end unit and that system is power efficient for a highend computer.

Thanks for that man, you have put my mind to rest on that as I have already purchased the GPU and this PSU dilemma was confusing me