Psu choice for ryzen 7 or 9

Im In the process of building a my own overkill pc, but im really unsure how many watts and what brand to go with,
my pc build will be
atx motherboard
ryzen 7 or 9 (3000 series due to price drops)
4 ram sticks
2x m.2s
2 x 7200rpm 3.5 drive
3x 5400 rpm 3.5 drive
blueray player
2x140mm fans
120mm fan
2x 80mm fan
either noctua or bequite larger cpu cooler
as for gpu eh Im looking at amd 6900xt if they ever come back in stock

no overclocking , no water cooling

CPU - 200W
GPU - 350W
Other stuff - 200 just to be sure.
I say 750 minimum with that powerhungry of a GPU. 800+ if not too expensive… Gold certification is preferable. It’s not really a quality measurement, but still all other factors being equal - gold certification is better.
Brands I prefer: Seasonic, FSP, Superflower.
Brands I rather stay away from - Thermaltake, Cooler Master, GameMax, Zalman, Gigabyte…
Brands that are pretty much the same - Asus, EVGA, Corsair, etc etc etc.

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An 850 watt PSU will be plenty, a 650 will probably be enough.

I’d go for 850, as power supplies are more efficient and much quieter when they aren’t run to the edge of their capacity.

Brand wise, corsair is easy to get where I am and have had no issues with their hx850i power supply. Definitely try to go modular if you can (most likely most are at the 750-850 watt mark anyway) - it makes your build so much cleaner and less hassle to work with.


Bigg concern nowadays, with these current gen / future chip architectures, be the boosting addition. Typical Thermal/Electrical spec listings, get straight up mopped, by these lesser frequent [massive] draws. It’ll cost a few dollars more, towards higher outputs / higher eff. rating [compared to cost of getting another PSU / lost timing to that kinda troubleshooting in vain], but is an electric component capable, of outlasting multiple PC Builds [if treated right].

I’d play 800W, as minimum output, to nature of your planned component stack

With that said gpu and a Ryzen 9 chip,
i would also suggest a 850W unit.

Seasonic or EVGA offer some good options.

Yes and no, unless you’re running pretty serious cooling they’ll likely hit thermal limits before burning more than 100-150 watts or so for any sort of extended period.

For what its worth, in regular use 99% of the time even under load my box is under 550 watts (measured by corsair link) and that’s with a 2700x on a corsair h115i cooler and a Vega 64 (also a 300 watt rated GPU), and heap of SSDs in it, in case the OP is chasing real-world-ish example.

anything below 750 would be borderline, 850 will be in its sweet spot efficiency wise. :slight_smile:

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cheers for all the input guys ill have a lool at the 850 watt psus

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