PSU caps question

Quick question:

Is it safe to swap the electrolytic capacitors in a PSU with "bigger ones" - same max voltage but higher capacitance AND they are actually bigger in size.

Trying to achieve better output on a crap psu. I changed the small caps with better ones but i'm unsure if i should change the electrolytic ones,

Reason: PSU failed unexpectedly and i need a psu by tonight.

I imagine there is quite a risk, in theory it would work. For how long without damaging the hardware? I cannot tell. If you can replace them with the same size, that would be great. I don't oboe about you, but it's 715 for me so if you're in my timezone then you might have time to go to a local hardware stone, buy one and return it the same day. I've seen psu's in staples and best buys if you're us. Good luck sir

Edit: if it already works with what you replace then I don't think there's a reason to replace them.

Depends. You might not want to change technical data but quality of the components used.
Can you get a new/other one from somewhere?

@CrossCarbon i have plenty of dead PSUs with good caps so i can scavenge some

you dont want to change the capacity of the caps. they can be used in timing circuits and such to help time it right.


Ok guys so in the end the electrolytic caps were 105C so there was no point in changing them but the voltages got better after cleaning the pcb with rubbing alcohol, after that i did a full cap replacement with new ones of same specs and the psu handled the load just fine. Ty everyone