Psu "Buzzing" sound when moving mouse USB

Hello there again.

Recently changed my rig, and I noticed that when I.m moving my mouse there is that buuzzing sound coming from my PSU (confirmed, also checked other USB ports).

I got LC-POWER 650w LC6650GP3 V2.3,140mm,PCI-E,4x SATA 80+Bronze

and Asus Sabertooth 990FX rev2 mobo + AMD FX8350

I didn't OC my rig (just yet), I didnt have time to properly set my Ram setting, and there was option to automatic set speed based on Ram (it was properly found, I had some options end set one that matches My Ram profile.) - need to check is it this though, but as i read it is a common problome, sometime coused by power profile, or power saving features - didnt help though.


Thanks too all the people who helped picking parts, Misty Angel I remember from my head, rest sry for forgetting.