PSU Blown?

So I built my new PC, of which all the specifications can be found here...

Everything seemed fine, aside from one noisy fan from the water cooling, it quietened down once booted and I went through bios, didn't change anything and installed windows 8.1. After looking round for a short while I turned the machine off and went to bed.

This morning a got up and hit the power button, the PC I'm typing this thread from shut down and all the plug sockets in my room cut out. I went down stairs and flicked the power to my room back on. (This has never happened before) Everything that was plugging in is now working again aside from the new build.

I plugged the PSU from this PC into the new build and it turned on fine, so I assume the PSU blew out?

My main worry here is what could have caused this to happen? Could anything else within the PC be damaged?

As much information as possible would be really appreciated, thank you forum!

Kyoutu <3

I highly recommend using either a power backup UPS with built in circuit protection or at least a good surge protector. The chances are that it just blew a fuse in the PSU. Some houses are wired poorly ... having the entire room on one circuit breaker ... if there is an outlet in your room that is on a separate breaker ... I suggest splitting the system between the two.

I see, thank you for the suggestion, like I said though this has never happened before but I'll look into an affordable UPS like you say, any suggestions? I've just spent a large some the on PC and Monitors and as a student I don't really have much money to shell out on something like this.

The entire room seems to be on the same circuit breaker, I tried multiple sockets after the blow out to test them. 

How much would it cost to repair the PSU? as I'm sure it's not something I should do myself. Or is it a case of just pulling up on the warranty? 

Ok, I noticed that the blow out took out the surge protector on my extension lead (or it may have been gone prior, I do not know) however I went and bought this...


  • High capacity metal oxide varistors will absorb power surges & spikes
  • Surge protected leads with three channel protection & safety thermal cut-out
  • Power & surge neon indicators
  • Manufactured to BS EN 60950 & BS1363/A
  • Supplied with all necessary connecting leads
  • £3,000 connected equipment warranty"


Will this be good enough? Is a UPS over kill?


chances are it was blown prior ... normally a good surge protector is good enough ... change them every five years whether the need it or not to be safe.

Ok, cheers for all the help. Just hope the warranty covers it!