PSU blew out now pc wont work

Hey guys I was just on facebook the other day and my computer turned off and i could smell burned somthing so I fond out it was my psu.

Im geting a new one on warrenty so thats fine. I bought my buddys psu over and pluged it in and couldent get anything to work pc turnes no my nothing on the screen. I pluded out my video card and tryed running on board and with a old video card but nothing worked. I took out all my ssds and hard drives and video card and put them all in my old pc and they work fine do what do you think the psu broke my cpu mobo or ram??

Errr quite possibly what psu did you have before try testing with other componets ie swap the ram swap the video card and if it still does not work then your mobo or cpu is more than likeley dead...

I would pull out the RAM and see if you get error beeps.  It sounds like either the CPU of the motherboard died with the PSU.

its a Aywun megapower A1-550-ELITE there not a great brand but they are 80+ and have 3 year warrenty so i thought id be ok. what would it mean if i get ram beeps? I dont realy have a spear mobo or cpu to check if its both or just one. Any ideas?

there is a test for the cpu. turn off the pc cpmpletley then turn on the monitor. wait till you see no signal andf then time it till your monitor goes into standby. (should be 7-10 seconds)

now turn the monitor on again and then quickly power on the pc as soon as you see no signal... if your monitor imediatly jumps into standby (befor 7-10 seconds) then its likely your cpu is dead. 

if you had a decent psu with over voltage protection and other failsafes then you may just have a damaged motherboard. especially if its a single rail psu that blew as they tend to need more amps befor the safteys shut the psu down. if its a cheaper psu then it could well have taken a few components with it...

all you can do is what your already doing and thats try them 1 at a time in another pc.

good luck.

Thank you I didnt know about the cpu test il do it as soon as they send me my psu replacement. I know it wasn’t a great psu with a couple 12v rails but I was using an anti surge plug, my mobo is anti surge and so is the psu so does that mean probably cpu (until i can test it)

you sure you pluged all the power cables right?

including  the 2x4 pin cpu power connectors, those too will be often forgotten, or pluged in the wrong way, then  the pc doesnt work ofc :)

lol na it was def all pluged in all right, I checked a few times. my buddy said the same thing :P


haha sorry for my stupid reaction then, im a girl and to me it happend once, that i forgot to plug those  in haha :D

Lol thats fine. Being a girl has nothing todo with it, my mate who is a guy said it to me because it had happend to him. He had bought new parts and everything lol