PSP Modding Troubles- Help

I'm helping a friend out here, here's what he wants to ask:

 i bought my psp already hacked but somethign went wrong with it and i was forced to reset it, i've been trying for awhile to hack it again but my attempts at doing so remain unsucessful, the psp refuses to pandorize the battery, and i also i tried another way known as chickhen or some shit, any help is appreciated. I own a psp slim 2000, version 5.03

Really, what i had to do when i was in your situation was to buy a pandora battery, it was annoying to have to pay for but it worked. I got it from amazon for like 20$. I don't have a slim and i know hacking them is different. If you dont want to buy a battery, you could check if anyone you know has a slim psp and try making a pandora on theirs.

Allrighty, thanks.