Psp go!

Ok so whos getting a psp go?

i am they are FUCKING AMAZING well for me anyways spend alot of time travelling and need to fill in the gaps with gaming and am tired of carrying heaps of UMD's

What about you?

Just got mine!!!! downloading MONSTER HUNTER. FF7 and about to buy another game YUSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really do like it also i got a psp S&L with Grand [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to stick with my PSP 3000

no umd.


I still have my first generation PSP .. ;)

Meh i like the fact no UMD's ive had 2 psp slim and lites, infact just got the gran turismo one, so i can play second hand games,if i like it heaps ill buy it for the GO.

 so when im traveling or roadtripping it i dont have to worry about loosing my UMD's plus all my mates just got the GO so its al good its ok if your willing to adapt!

im sticking with the old school psp FAT



Never really liked handhelds.

Its too expensive for me lol.. I'm broke..

Neither untill i only liked pokemon on gameboy untill i got a PSP a while back they are fun to jsut use when you CBF having a gaming session but want to play games LOL

psp 2000 was the best imo. psp go screen is a lot smaller and stuff, though I guess if you actually use your psp outside of your house that's a good thing.

the psp 3000 and go have the best screens by far. There's no ghosting whatsoever. They're the best if you want to play unhacked. If you want to hack your psp, fat is the best, 2000 is the second best

Question: How is Monster Hunter on the PSPGo?

I am under the impression that it would be a mess with the placement of the Analog Stick. But, correct me if I'm wrong. I think I'll just pick up a PSP-3000 and buy UMDs, and if I want to download games I can do that as well.

@ Droenix

Opinions are the arseholes everybody has got one.

Monster Hunter IS on the PSP GO because i have got it, also the PSP go is better for me because i do alot of traveling and i like to change games quite often and UMD's make this a hassle by changing them and having to carry them.

Also the PAUSE feature that allows you to play another game while another is paused and i find this handy, also when a game is paused you can go into the PSN and onto the browser.....

it makes the PlayStationPortable look not so portable compared to the GO, and the only way to come to this conclusion is by using a PSP and a PSP GO for longer than a week and i have done this i find that the PSP GO meets my needs better than a vanilla PSP.