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PSA: The NPT patch is included in linux 4.14.3



My arch install was crashing every single night, so I went back to old reliable Ubuntu 17.10 and followed Wendells guide. When it came time to apply the NPT patch I found that it’s already been included starting with 4.14.3.

Just thought you should know. :smiley:


true, and its already out on arch as well.


Unfortunately, I just tested 4.14.4 which theoretically would have this patch, and it segfaults SDDM when it tries to enable the Nvidia proprietary drivers. STICK TO 4.13 IF YOU RUN NVIDIA DRIVERS.


I confirm this.
The Nvidia drivers are a battle on every release for package & distro maintainers.

The older kernels will generally work better with Nvidia’s stuff.

Thankfully I’m no longer using any Nvidia GPU’s in my systems. Except for my laptop that is. :neutral_face: