PSA: Fractal Torrent Fan Hub Recall

It appears the fan hub in the case has a design flaw/manufacturing defect. As of now this only appears to effect the Fractal Torrent and no other cases. If you are using the case’s fan hub I would disconnect it ASAP. I’ve linked Fractals support article which will help you get a new fan hub and a couple of news outlets discussing it below. Replacement units are probably going to take a few weeks to get out so I’d recommend using onboard fan headers if possible.

IMO: It appears that Fractal is handling the situation pretty well. It sucks that that this happened, but mistakes happen.

Important Message: Replacement of Fan Hubs in Torrent case series (08-27) : Torrent support (

Fractal Torrent Recall Teaches NZXT & Gigabyte What to Do (Short-Circuit Fan Hub) - YouTube - Gamers Nexus

Fractal Design replacing Torrent case fan hubs following short-circuit reports | KitGuru

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