PSA: for all corsair customers, they have an rma "blacklist" and you will not get support or rma

Hello, first off i have never rma’d anything in the 20 years i have been on pc.
I tried to Rma a k68 rgb keyboard and mouse just after the 30 day return window from best buy in saint john, NB canada. corsair only accepted to send me 5 keycaps. if you dont push directly on the center of the keys the fall off, and the mouse went in the trash also refused to fix or rma it.

I tried to rma again today. customer support said my account had been suspended and they cannot help me and that she would be terminating the call. i kept asking for help she said we cant and wont help cause account suspended.

I called a 2nd time (50 minutes on hold at this point. the guy from tech support said they cant help me.

so what i am getting at is corsair “blacklisted” me and if i buy and have problems with anything corsair its ----final sale— for me. they did not attempt to contact me to tell me this. luckily i have not been buying their products and now mostly use crucial/evga to build pc’s.

the staff i talked to could not put me thru to a supervisor or anything and were rude. obviously never buying corsair anything even tho my first build in 2010 was mostly corsair lol.

if you try to rma you go on the blacklist and if u buy a new product you have no service or warranty. i will call and record what they say if i have to lol.

now corsair has 200$ canadian of mine and i file a formal complaint with BBB and emailed as many relevant youtubers as possible. this is next level to what newegg is doing.

positive not i discovered Havit makes way better keyboards then corsair. they are repairable and the keyboard it’s self is aluminium
and also my new mouse- xtrify kicks ass for now.
i will be contacting media outlets if possible tomorrow. this is pure insanity. they are the new zotac/biostar made in china junk.


small update i have emailed Wendell and Ryan/gamers nexus directly i will post what i find out…do your homework guys, build quality is the 2nd thing to go after QA testing.
corsair customer support hangs up on me when i give them my name or keyboard serial number… what a professional outfit
newegg scandal 2.0

I find it odd that a company would simply hang up on you by giving your name or SN. I’ve worked in call centers and the only time we were allowed to do that was when the caller was being abusive. Now, I’m not saying this is what happened. Without a call recording it’s impossible to know and can only take your word for it.

If I was you, I would leave it for a couple of days and try calling again. If your local laws allow it, record the call. If they have the message “this call may be recorded”, this allows you to also record the call (however clarify this, I’m not a lawyer).

It does feel that you’re too quick to start reaching out to media outlets and Office of Consumer Affairs. I would personally try to exhaust all avenues before making too much noise as it may hurt your case.

What I have found that works is a good old fashioned written letter sent as registered mail (it requires a signature), stating the issue you’ve experienced, what you’ve tried to do in order to get assistance and a preferable resolution from Corsair, along with a demand to fix within a time frame (21 days from receipt of the letter is usually sufficient) to rectify the issue.

Be aware your Consumer Affairs office will not do anything until you have at least worked with the company to find a resolution.

Good luck.

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dude its been 6 months. theres no way you can defend them. and i will call tomorow and record it. you seem too easy to trust in a company.

I would trust a company over some random person on the internet providing no evidence. Especially someone who I have had no interactions with and is not a regular on the forum.

Everything on the internet is true.

If it’s true, get some evidence and the internet will roll deep on corsair just like they did newegg.

I don’t speak for Level1, but I know that the crew wouldn’t be able to do anything without evidence.

What’s the saying? Trust, but verify.


You didn’t state in your original post this was 6 months ago and I find it strange that you’re only just posting about it now. If you have truly exhausted every possible avenue, provide your evidence and feel free to vent.

As there’s no way to confirm your story, I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and offer some advise on how to resolve the matter.

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While I think the skepticism for and against is justified without proof this sounds a lot like what I experienced with New Egg nearly 20 years ago. Got my package, basically steam rolled by the carrier. After reporting the package was basically just crushed plastic and metal they said they’d get back to me since it wasn’t a normal RMA (carrier insurance situation). I wait, wait, wait…finally I’m like “Hey you said you’d contact me in a day, it’s been a week.” They asked for my account, I gave it to them, they said it didn’t exist. Tried to log in, yup account was magically deleted…therefore no order number to deal with. Eventually I got it sorted but this isn’t exactly “news” in the sense lots of stores or companies do this kinda stuff. Franchise owners like to play fast and loose with policy and the big guys always pass the buck to some degree even when they deal with stuff.

i plan on calling tomorrow and recording it. pretty sure i even said that in my post. and i have all the emails from customer support etc. dont worry about me lol

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I’d post em then. block out the rep names, since it’s probably not the individual rep’s fault, it’s most likely company policy.


i just got them both locally with my bonus or something from best buy, should of returned the mouse immediately(in the 30 day window, thats my fault aparently) cause i did not know corsair does not do rma’s just keycap replacements(5 of them the email says) lol. the fact a company can “black list” you and never offer you warranty service after purchase is crazy. maybe its ok in the usa but not canada. anyway i have submited my documents to canada anti fraud center etc. the fact i was not even told i was black listed is a whole different issue. regardless i know what i am saying is true and i’l call and record them tomorow i’m just waiting to see what Wendell says

i have been on the forums since 2013? dont need to be actively posting all day. lol… what a line of thinking. and posting now cause corsair basically blocks my calls wont answer emails and has no corporate email contact. they just butt hurt i wont buy their junk

It’s not OK in either the US or CA but this isn’t the first report of companies doing similar. Aside from ranting/venting if you get anywhere with this it would be good to post the results. Things have become progressively more and more anti consumer since the 1980’s. Sadly soon there will be no such thing as RMA or anything else. I mean look at the rise of the “extended” warranty. Basically trying to get you to pay for something that is a normal and commonly accepted thing, to return defective merchandise. Tad pointless to discuss this stuff though because it’s just how things are and a few people ranting won’t change the slide that started with Reaganomics. (cue sad jokes about “We’d be happy to help you start the RMA process, just complete the form.” (form is dark pattern))

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I’ve got my popcorn! :popcorn: Now we just need to see those screenshots of the communications.



My interactions with Corsair support were outstanding when I got a 450D with a broken front panel latch and an H100i with shipping damage. Both had a replacement sent sight-unseen as the first email response. Had a reply with pictures and everything ready but they just came back with “Okay, sorry about that. Here’s a tracking number, have a nice day.”

Sorry, but when your story is “Six months ago, I tried to RMA both a keyboard and mouse, was refused both and blocked by the phone agent, and so I threw them away and am now ranting about it” there’s obviously something you’re leaving out. I’d be curious to hear what you said to them that caused it, if any of that is actually true.

One consequence of the internet is that companies get piled on by everyone and their dog when the fuck up. The other is that people are going to defend companies they’ve had good experiences with when someone with a visibly inflammatory personality thinks they’re going to rally their favorite YouTube personalities against them with no credible evidence whatsoever. I suspect that’s what you’re going to get here.


I also get the feeling of something being left out. Companies will not stonewall a customer without good cause.

Something here doesn’t add up.

just got this msg from bbb and corsair still has not returned any of my emails and i;m about to call them

Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau. This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 3/1/2022 against Corsair Components, Inc… Your complaint was assigned ID 16820672.

Now that I have filed, what is the next step?

We have accepted your complaint and have forwarded it to the business for their response. We have asked the business to reply promptly, but some disputes may take longer than others to conclude. Please be patient as we work to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

What if I do not agree with the response from the business?

It is important for both parties to maintain realistic expectations and respond in a professional, fair and courteous manner. Our goal is for you and the business to be able to work towards an amicable solution. Should this prove difficult, we may offer you and the business the opportunity to participate in binding arbitration. More information about these options can be found at

What happens if a business does not respond?

The BBB will make every effort to obtain a response from the business, but some businesses simply do not ever contact us. The BBB is not an enforcement agency. We cannot compel a business to respond. However, failure to do so may result in a negative impact on their BBB rating, which may drive away future customers. The BBB can also refer you to other agencies that may be able to assist you, depending on the specific nature of your complaint.

Feedback from consumers is vital to BBB. We appreciate your willingness to report this information to us. We look forward to helping you and the business work toward a resolution. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions or concerns.


i left out the names etc.
you guys are on drugs if you think its ok for a company to blacklist you without your knowledge.

Okay, but you still haven’t provided any evidence of this happening other than documenting your rant here. How about an email log? Anything showing a date that the conversation happened? If you’re this upset about something, why start this now and not in September when it supposedly happened?


@Adam_Jensen Do you have puts on CRSR that are near their exercise date? I ask because you still ain’t shown any evidence of any communications between yourself and Corsair. Sounds like you want some media attention so you can get some quick :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: It’d be much easier to just get up early one day and short whatever is in r/pennystocks.


i’m a vet on disability its hard for me to confront things sorry if i dont meet your guy’s standards. as for evidence why would i put it on a public forum i’l send it directly to who needs it instead… you guys are right i posted no evidence and wont. thats not how you blind side a company.

i live in canada so i can record all i want… #lol@thefanbois