PSA: don't change sector size of external USB WD drives

I wasn’t expecting confusion, (who does?), edited some posts to clarify,… thank you all!

(also, GN thing… shocking)

Read up on commingling at Amazon. They’ll happily mix all packages with the same barcode. Doesn’t matter if it came straight from manufacturer, or from a random warehouse in China. Same barcode? Same shelf.

Sellers can disable commingling, but many are unaware, and last I checked, it was the default. How does it end up? You buy something from a badly set up official store, and get a fake, or a grey market item.


[EDIT:–] I take the below back. The fraud side is in deed covered by this word Commingling - Wikipedia
It is not a word that has made it to the British lexicon

[PRE EDIT>>>>]
Do you mean co-mingling? As in, mixing different " suppliers’ " stock, within the warehouses that Amazon run, and are responsible for?

I do not take that as an excuse for them failing to isolate bad products.

But, it does enable customers to more easily discard unwanted items, for good and ill

the harm is borne by the end user that receives a bad "used product, but the business works. and makes big money

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Honestly, I don’t know about all the definitions, “commingling” is the term Amazon themselves use to describe this situation.

It’s supposed to ease the logistics on the sellers. Less to do with returns, and more to do with trusting Amazon as a marketplace.

When it comes to returns, there’s an STH video. Patrick ordered a new open box 3090, got a 3070 in a 3090 box. Dishonest return and lack of checks.

Crawling out of my cave to leave a few words to the future mankind landing on this page from cyberspace:

  1. Zero measurable and perceived benefits of changing logical sector size from 512e to 4k on modern SSD/HDD drives i.e. those manufactured in the past decade.
  2. A correction to the first point. You might be able to measure v little difference in datacenter type of applications (?)
  3. The HDD inside might still be fine and can avoid ending up in the landfill or as scrap metal. But possibly only who read this thread can mitigate it at home or more expensively a WD repair guy figures out a stupid customer in his lab.

I find it ludicrous that OP started with a risk-taking adventure and ended up with a risk-averse mitigation. That’s unforgivable and irresponsible. LOL

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