PS4 to be a good, budget rendering platform? (sorry about console speak again)

Ho!People of teksyndicate and the team!


I have been looking at the interwebs about all this console malarkey and how to combat the console infection, and have looked at the ps4 specs (that have admittedly been out for a while). It came to mind that it could be a good, very budget platform for some basis GFX things. If we managed to put a linux boot of windows 7 on a ps3, whom baffled most developers when it game out with its strange architecture, i believe we could put a windows boot, through linux onto the ps4 with its much more standardised design. Furthermore, the specs seem to be able to support some basic rendering things. its fast GDDR5 memory would be highly appreciated, the 8core apu (jaguar) my not be all that powerful, but im hoping that it is designed in such a way that helps utilise all the cores. 


Im starting to ramble on, but you get the idea. What do you think of my idea, the sound of a £400 rendering platform has a ring to it, don’t you think?

In the case of the PS3 I believe Sony actually contracted people to put linux onto the PS3 But they removed support for it years ago for security reasons. I think the PS4 will be pretty locked down I doubt you would be able to put a Windows based operating system on it without tampering with some sort of hardware although I'm no expert on the matter.

ah, thank you for this info. If its a viable option, it'll get hacked sooner or later. but untill then, thank you for your time       Here is what sold me   Blow this up for Logan too chat about so he can face palm!!! :-D