PS4 - The Crew or FarCry 4?

So, that AC Unity thing happened and with the season pass...

Anyway, I can't decide between The Crew or FarCry 4 and I need your opinions.


Yes, I like GT but I never got 6 because it was only for PS3 and I didn't pick it up.  I like Need for speed but most racing games have sucked recently.


I like FPS but I generally only get them for PC because I like my mouse to kill things.  I have not played farcry 3 so I'm not sure if i should get farcry 4 anyway.


Opinions would be appreciated.

i play the crew on pc and its lots of fun, its arcade racer, a lot like nfs games if you played underground 1,2, most wanted or carbon. Far cry 4 is fun as well, i havent played much of it yet

If you haven't played Farcry 3 yet I'd recommend it over Farcry 4. The multiplayer in both Farcries is pretty much meh, so you're not missing too much by using a controller since you'll likely just play single player, other than the obvious PC advantages. But yeah Farcry 3>Farcry 4.