ps4 headset

Hello everybody so i am selling my xbox and ps3 to get a new pc and i already have some money set aside for the ps4 but i dont know if my current headset will work with ps4 or if its going to feature a new interface or something. I am just kinda worried becuase i dont want to sell my headset and then need to buy a new one when i have perfectly good turtle beaches now. if you find anything that points out that i will be able to use my turtle beaches on the ps4 than thank you



Why bother with the PS4? it's basicly an underpowered, less usefull PC anyway.

I also wonder if it is still going to have bluetooth built in for headsets but they do have a headset plug in on the controller now so not idea.

well becuase as "usefull" pc is it still cant play exclusives and yes i do love the exclusives enough to want to buy the console even if its for 5 games. 

low level hardware access means your resources are used in a vastly more efficient way, try to contribute to actually helping instead of bashing

you might want to contact the company and ask about future compatibility, although I doubt they'll know anything it won't hurt to ask

We can't predict the future, but chances are, if your headset uses USB or Bluetooth, you will be able to use them with your new PS4. My advice is to keep your headset.