PS4 emulator

Hey hi people. Now I'm here to talk about the fact that the ps4 uses a jaguar 8core cpu, which is basically an 8150.  Seeing as a part of this is the same hardware, and the architecture is the same x86, wouldnt it make the ps4 easy to emulate? I mean the gpu is kinda mid. A r9 290x could perhaps handle it? The ram, it has 8 gigs of ddr5 but according to the specs, only 5 gigs will be available for games. So, as per the universal rule of emulation, we need about 30 gigs? Add a few gigs more for the ddr5 thingy

So were gamecube games as well as the wii. Nintendo always goes as far as creating their own proprietary media to prevent pirating and copying, and yet, there are a lot of pirated copies of of GC and Wii games floating around the net.

It depends on how difficult the console architecture is to emulate and how hard it is to copy the games. 

Theoretically, it should be easier to emulate the PS4 and Xbone, but we won't know for sure until someone tries it.