PS4 conversion

So, I finally got around to tearing down my old PS4. I am planning on building a small lighty-duty gaming/htpc-streaming linux box out of it. Has anyone else gone down this path?

For the record, this thread is not about flashing Linux on to the PS4 hardware.

It is about gutting the PS4 and using it as a case.

I am considering using my i5-2500k and rx480. The real hard part will be fashioning mounting brackets.

Not a ton of room in that chassis. I'd recommend downsizing the GPU unless every bit of the build has to be recycled. Especially since the SFX PSUs that even approach small enough to fit the form factor are low wattage and pricey.


Or if there's enough room strap it to the top of the case and cut vents where the fan (s) are.
Guess it depends on how thick the card is and how low profile you can get the cooler.

I mean, if he doesn't care about hacking the thing to bits, or how it looks when he's finished, then it hardly matters. Also: flexible PCIe risers exist. (for the OP, not being condescending)

I hope you've got a 3D printer..

I may be able to help with that you can't make something yourself.


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I dont see a way that you could fit all those components in a PS4 case, even a mini itx board with a cooler good enough to cool ur 2500k "shouldnt" fit. I had a smaller rx 470 before the mining craze and that thing alone would be like about half the size of my ps4

Well, the cd/dvd drive or whatever it is will not be included. The power supply can be moved to an external one if necessary. Although, they do make small form factor PSU's.

@tkoham Yes, riser cards are a thing and no you were not being condescending. That is valuable input.

@kewldude007 Fascinating. I will have to do some thinking on how to put this together. Ideally I would keep hacking things to a minimum.

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