Ps4 controller and linux

Hey guys,

Just had a quick couple of questions and problems I hope you guys can fix. I know that Linux as a whole now has ''native'' support for the ps4 controller through blue tooth. And wired.

So I tried to connect my ps4 controller to my linux machine. It will find it, and then immediately SHUT OFF. I watch this in the bluetooth section and the instant it's connected it turns off. And I mean it shuts off immediately.

Is there a way I can see why this is happening? Is there some sort of log?

I am getting VERY AGGRAVATED by this. Please some help?

And can someone please help me FIX this?

You can try using DS4DRV. I've always found it's been buggy without it if I'm not using it through Steam.

Yes it does it with ds4drv too

What distro are you using?

I know this is stupid but make sure your controller is charged. Test wired first. You might need to configure first

I know this may sound silly but how you turning your PS4 controller on?

The reason I ask is last time I set up a DS4 on a Raspberry Pi running Retropie using DS4DRV i couldn't just push the PS4 home button and expect it to pair up. I had to put it in pairing mode everytime or it would never connect to the Retropie even though it was paired. I think that is how DS4DRV works though.

I've tried plugging it in and it works flawlessly. Tried that first out. So I knew it would work. Even Ubuntu recognized it as a PS4 controller. So I know it works, and yes it is charged. I use it on my Windows all the time to run emulators.

It does it EVEN PAIRING. It will pair, and then shut off immediately.

I found a command earlier that showed me bluetooth stuff in the terminal before and it said it was REFUSING connection. I for the life of me cannot remember the command and pressing up on the arrow keys isn't showing me the command I used. It skips it.

I don't mind using it wired, but I want to recline and play. It's easier on my back. Please someone help me!