PS3 to Monitor

This Monitor:

I want to connect my ps3 to this monitor via HDMI until I noticed that there are no speakers on it to connect my headset to the audio jack in the back. So how can I use the monitor for video and something else for auido?

You just plug your headset into the back.

i said there is no speakers built in so there is no input in the back.

okay ps3 is really cool  about what you can do with your audio  visual options you can set the video to say HDMI out and plug in any composite/component cables that came with PS1/PS2/PS3 and set it to output the Audio out the Red and white cables and plug those into a speaker system, or use a adapter that changes the ends to 3.5mm for headphones or if thats what all your speakers only take, or if your rich the SPDIF out

Thanks! Really helped. I opted for a cheaper better monitor with built in speakers and 2 hdmi for pc and ps3. Another question does the msi 770 oc gaming edition 2gb output audio through its HDMI port?

yes all modern cards  do since like 5xx and 5xxx series

ohh i feel dumb. Anyway thanks helped alot!

no problem, back in the day there was this big SPDIF convoluted scheme to get audio over HDMI

The HDMI transmits both audio and video.  The monitor you have has an OUTPUT on the back, specifically for plugging in headphones or speakers