Ok so im selling my unused xbox for a PS3 and i just wanted to ask are all PS3's backwards compatible? or is that only the 60Gb ones?, also i thought you could download some software that alloud you to play PS1 & PS2 games on any PS3?

any help would HELP!!!! ALOT!!!


all i know is the slim ps3's are NOT backward compatible. so you would have to stay away from them. And i think they have stop making the bigger one which ARE backward compatible. but i arnt really sure im an xbox guy.

PS3 slim is not backwards comaptible..
Neither is the 80gb normal ps3

The only one backwardcompatible is the 60gb

And no, software wont do, its the hardware that have been removed.

if you bought the 80b when it just came out(at least in the US), it would have had backwards compatibility, now none of the ps3's have this option, which i why it is so cheap.

All PS3s are backwoods compatible with PS1 Games but no PS3 currently in production is backwoods compatible with PS2 the Original Japanese and 60GB PS3s had the PS2s hardware inside but they removed that for all other models the original PAL 60GB model and the later 80GB US model had software BC with a download from the PSN.

This page may help you out.

I want the original PS3 60GB, if anyone comes across one... kill the owner and send it to me.

On some random day the genius's at Sony decided "hey fuck the consumers needs let's save some money" so they removed the emotion chip and now they want you to pay to download ps1 games...and if you like ps2 games.... well fuck you!

I gave up on trying to get a ps3 60gb a while back, and even if I or you would get one what happens when the system fails on you? ...Now that we understand each other this is where the computer comes into play and you jus play the ps1 & ps2 games on there in higher resolutions.

I've got a 60GB version and its so much better than the other editions. It has 4 USB ports and lots of different card readers which aren't on the other version. These sound like only tiny things but I seriously use them more than I thought I would.Â
If it ever broke i think i'd probably pay for it to be refurbished rather than get a different edition.

Yeah thats true D:

I only have 2 usb ports D:

Yes My original Japanese 60GB (now 500GB) model that I got in November 2006 rocks.

80GB backwards compatible PStriple Bro here. Gots dem card readers and USB ports, just less compatibility.

Would sell a 80gb BC PS3 for $500, a BC 60GB for $600+ and anything else is dirt worthless.