PS3/PS4 HDD Upgrade Compatibility

Hi all, I know this is an old and stupid question. Still I need help on picking an HDD to upgrade to.

To start I am finding in my research more contradicting and conflicting info than any help. I am looking into what HDD size limit the PS3 and PS4 have.

I was looking to upgrade my 60Gb PS3 and my PS4 to the Seagate 2TB STBD2000102 which is a 2.5" 9.5mm height Laptop HDD. Where I am running into issue if finding info on whether this Drive is compatible with either system. For I keep reading that the PS3 software can not support over 1TB Drives, yet I have seen people online upgrade the PS3 to the HGST 1.5TB 0J28001 which is a 2.5" 9.5mm height HDD. I have also been reading online conflicting info on the PS4's support of HDD saying that a 2TB will work, that it will not work, that you need hacked firmware, that you need a later official firmware, etc.

Please help me get to the facts on this, because I am going nowhere but in a circle with all of this, I can get anything hard facts to help me figure out my course of upgrade.

Thanks for your time.

There aren't any technical limitations I'm aware of on the PS3; it is Linux based. The only limitation I can think of is the filesystem the hard drive is formatted to. If the PS3 formats the drive to FAT32 or NTFS with 512B sectors, there is ~2TB limit. If the PS3 uses EXT (2,3, or 4), or FAT32/NTFS with 4KB Sectors, there isn't any practical limit (~16TB). I don't know what the PS3 formats to, but you shouldn't have any real issues upgrading the HDD, as long as it's SATA.

You will need to make a recovery usb as far as i can remember to reformat the hard-drive so the ps3 can use it. Not sure about the ps4 though.