ps2 emulation sly 3

I have an issue with pcsx2 emulation of sly 3 honor among theives.

In the episode 'Dead men tell no Tales' there is a missing boat. 

I've gone to this year old post on the pcsx forum. Which mentions but does not solve the issue.

In this image you can see the ship is missing. This ship is essential to completing the first mission in this area.

If anyone has any information on this please help, I've been googling and haven't found squat. 



fixed it sly 3 is only fully compatible with pcsx2 version 1.1.0

I find it interesting how certain games behave based on the versions. I had problems with Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII. In Rogue Galaxy, the game would not load after a certain cutscene. I created the ISO of the game from my copy of the game and the only conclusion that I came up with was that it could have been a dual layer DVD issue.

For dragon quest VIII, certain doors in pickam town would not open. One of those doors progressed the story line.....hence I could not continue playing.