Ps√4 vs the xbone?


It's all so clear to me now.

Thanks, Carnage! 

couldn't have said it better

The only game ive seen comeing out on both boxes that i what to play (apart from BF4) is Titanfall and thats comeing to PC so its all good.


What exactly makes them shit?( Well I'd understand the XBOX One consumerism-wise)

getting ps4 just for kh3 and infamous second son, then its gonna sit in my closet forever


or not, it depends

hardware is outdated... and shitty, cheap asses cant invest on a titan ^___^

Pretty sure it's a troll but


In case of seriousness: Not really outdated, the APU architecture is based on AMD's Jaguar platform, which is scheduled for this year. Plus GDDR5 is the standard in GPGPUs these days, but is very new as system memory, while G/DDR3 is the standard for system memory, and is a little outdated in GPGPUs. Blu-rays are becoming the standard in physical media sales( very rare to see people selling software/ media in flash drives). And anyone could see that the Titan is fairly out of reach for most people( in terms of price).


In case of troll: LOL


Gonna leave this here...

I would rather just get this if I were stuck to that price range.

I made it with upgradability in mind.

LOL, that was a great sum up

+1  Trying to convince a friend to do the same.

xbox one is the first step of skynet. and you can't kill it ! be worried sarah conner

be very worried.

owl be bach

To be honest, the PS4 at 400 is not a bad option for gamers on a budget. Obviously PC destroys it, but you add the social aspect of console gaming plus some good exclusives and you have a viable option for many gamers. 

It's pretty clear cut. PC is best. PS4 is second. XBone should only be purchased if you want to jerk off in front of a camera in the hope that someone at Microsoft might be unfortunate enough to see it.

Not totally destroys it. In hardware, yes, but in the performance they are able to squeeze out, no. Optimization is a big thing, but PCs aren't blessed to have more of it because of the diversity of parts. On the PS4( and XBOX One), optimization allows them to produce graphics that are equivalent to what a mid to high-end PC would do.


LOL, made my day. Yeah, the Wii U is an interesting console, was almost tempted to buy one when I saw a good deal, but right now there's not many games that I like, and it's a bit overpriced. I think it needs more support by developers. Most people are saying that the hardware is shit and is only as fast as either the PS3 or XBOX 360. I call BS. Games released later in a consoles life look better than games released earlier because the console gets more optimized later on( and also because of new game engines, but if they weren't optimized as well, the engine probably won't even run). If you look at the games the Wii U shares with other consoles( Batman: Arkham Asylum, CoD: BO2, etc), they look as good or maybe even better on the Wii U, and it's still early in it's life, we might not be using it to it's full potential. This means that graphics are bound to get better, and that it's gonna get better looking games than both the PS3 and 360