Proxmox zfs pool didn't mount after a reboot. (unscheduled)

I have a zfs pool that mounds at /
it is something I created when I first started playing with proxmox
we had some power issues today and the server rebooted - I use that pool for rsyning some backups to - I notice when I restarted the rsync it was copying everything… Finally dawned on me that the pool didn’t actually mount and it was copying everything over to the boot drive.

the pool looks good
zpool status
pool: Largepool
state: ONLINE

I only have 1 vm on this pool - and not critical. How do I get this to mount correctly? Sounds like I need to empty the mount point so that it will? But how to then mount it? I will probably figure it out tomorrow - but I am wiped and thought I would put this out there.

it would normally mount /Largepool/


You should be able to just zfs mount Largepool and it will mount, so long as the mountpoint is present and empty.

After deleting the contents of the mount point - I was able to zfs mount Largepool. The sub volume would not. Finally figured out there was crap in that mount point also… (dev directory) deleted then

zfs mount -a mounted the rest. Now the vm boots too!

Everything is fully operational… So far we have been running proxmox in a production environment for over a year. Very happy with it. Every issue so far has had a easy solution.

thanks !

I have found on several of my Proxmox systems that some ZFS pools will randomly not mount at startup and need a bit of manual help. I just added “check to make sure ZFS pools mounted” to my restart checklist and don’t worry too much about it.