Proxmox with 3975wx and rtx a5000

I have currently build an threadripper pro 3975wx in the asus wrx80 sage motherboard. Running 2 rtx a5000 gpu, evga 2070 super, and rtx 3090 fe.
This computer is running in a server cabinet. I will be traveling more and need to be able to access this computer for CAD work and CFD/ simulations. Currently using Autodesk Inventor, possibly switching to Ansys later this year.
I was looking at running Proxmox on this hardware, then using desktop or laptop in another location to access a vm running the above programs. Grpahics cards are in there to run simulations and renders.
Was able to install Proxmox on a 500gb ssd drive, but when in windows I was not able to access gpus.
Secondly, how would i go about accessing this system from a different network.
Thank you for any help you could provide.


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