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Proxmox tons of ZFS pool errors

Hi, new here. I did some looking through this forum and lots of googlefu to try and find out what else could be causing my problem.

I am getting tons of read errors on my new ultrastar drives.

I have put new SATA breakout cables from my hba to the supermicro HDD backplane. I have tested memory with memtest86 with 3 successful passes with 0 errors.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Case: Supermicro CSE-825TQ
Mobo: SuperMicro X10SRL-F
Memory: 2x SAMSUNG 16GB ECC M393A2G40DB0-CPB
HBA: LSI SAS 9207-8i
Boot drives: 2x Kingston 120GB SA400S37/120G
Pool drives: 8x Hitachi UltraStar HUA723020ALA640 2TB

I haven’t worked with ZFS but maybe the error codes will look familiar. Could you post them?

Did you want to show us a zpool status screen?
Maybe dmesg later, unless you noticed any warnings?

Normally i get more than this, it was on completely static files, namely .iso files but i have scrubbed and cleared this morning. The 2 faulted drives changes every time i scrub/clear. I am starting to lean toward possibly a bad HBA.