Proxmox storage questions

What should I do for Proxmox Storage?

Right now I have a raid 1 with two 512gb disks for the Proxmox install and a TrueNAS VM with 2 1tb disks. (dedicated controller) My configuration on the TrueNAS VM is a SMB share for Jellyfin and a NFS share for Nextcloud docker.

However, I am starting to have doubts on my setup. Would it make more sense to mount a single NFS share in Proxmox as storage? That might simplify things a little bit and fix the NFS permissions issues. However, if I was going to that I might as well skip TrueNAS and just create the ZFS storage on Proxmox itself.

I also have two other nodes but they are just minipcs and aren’t handling the bulk of the load.

Depends what you want to do with these volumes. If you only store VMs, containers, ISOs then I would let Proxmox manage this. This way you’ll get better performance out of the VM storage because the virtual disks are created as zvol by default - if you use ZFS. And you free up resources (RAM for example). This should also help with live migration to other nodes.

If you store / share lots of different “personal” files and folders, keep the TrueNAS VM. File sharing is unwieldy in Proxmox - either you have to add services to the hypervisor or work with privileged containers which offers these services. If you want regular backup for these files you have to setup services manually for that too. Then you have to keep the whole construct up to date.

As a sidenote, there is also iSCSI if you want proxmox to access a TrueNAS volume directly.

For myself, I have a similar setup for my fileserver with 14 and 20TB disks - I use a SMB share as storage for VMs on this fileserver, so I can access the raw disk files. As long as I am working within this node the “network speed” isn’t the limiting factor.